Popular Zombie Movies, TV Shows, Online Games, and Storie

There is something unique about ghoul video games and movies that make people stay glued to their screens all the time. For some, it is the creativity and fun of zombie games presentation that keeps them wanting to play more. Well, no matter what your connection is, we are your one-stop-shop for the best popular zombie games.

Why Do We Love Apocalyptic Movies

Today, popular zombie games have become a must-play for old and young people alike. Here are some of the reasons why we love apocalyptic movies.

  • The movies help us to take the mind away from daily hustles and bustles of work. Whether our job at the workplace was tough or we were experiencing stressful situations, apocalyptic movies can help the mind to shift focus for better relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Apocalyptic movies are crucial in sharpening our minds. Because we experience life threatening situations in movies, they provide a unique way to condition the body and mind about what to do in case of similar dangers.
  • Although zombie movies can be really frightening, they are entertaining. Most of them are cool and enjoyable.
  • Most apocalyptic movies are cool and help to teach us about the spirit world. We are able to stretch our imaginations about what happens after death and the forces of the underworld.

Popular Zombie Movies

The demand for cool zombie movies keeps growing as fanatics ask for more scaring films. Well, if you have been wondering of the bloodiest and grisliest zombie movies that will send shivers down your spine, here are the top three options.

  • Night of the Living Dead: This is a classic Zombie movie that was made back in 1968, one year before Apollo landed on the moon. Romero, the creator, alleges that Apollo brought back a virus that revives the corpses as murderously malign ghouls with an insatiable appetite to eat people. This cool Zombie movie attacks the most known concepts in humanity, and sparks the fear of our own obsolescence.
  • 28 Days Later: This is another cool zombies movie by Danny Boyle. The film talks about the aftermath of a serious viral epidemic that ravages Britain leaving the affected in a permanent state of aggression. The movie becomes more horrifying as it demonstrates the erosion of human's survival mechanisms.
  • Zombie: This is another cool zombie movie by Lucio Fulci that you should watch. In the movie, dead people getting out of graves and walking around covered in dirt makes this movie ghostly. It creates the idea of what will happen when dead souls arise to stand trial during the judgment day.

Play Online Cool Zombie Games


To get a bigger connection to cool ghost movies, why not play online popular zombie games. Unlike the movies, the games thrust you at the heart of the action by allowing you to assume the role of selected characters. Well, if you ever watched survivors trying to escape from ghosts or fight with zombies, it is now your turn in the zombie games.

You will also like the online popular zombie games, whether recent or old, because they are designed with the latest virtual reality technology (VR) and are easy to play. Some of the popular zombie games you can play today include House of the Dead, Arizona Sunshine, and zombie themed slots games such as Lost Vegas slot and Zombie Rush. The unique thing about zombie themed slots games is that you can play them free and win real money. Just make sure you know that you find a safe and secure site. To protect yourself and avoid online casino scams go to ArnaqueCasino. Read up and protect yourself from scams and shady sites that you should never visit.

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he Walking Dead TV/ Comics Differences

One of the top activities for popular zombie game fanatics is comparing characters. In the case of the Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, the creator had to navigate between two worlds; original comic series of books and his task as the executive producer of the TV series. However, he managed to give the world some of the best characters. Note that the characters of the cool TV series were not out to simply mimic the comic, but working hard to handle the action, bugs, heat, and punishing hours required for the cast. Here are the comparisons of the characters:

  1. Daryl Dixon
  • Comic Daryl: He is Tyreese
  • TV Daryl: He is very aggressive and moody.
  1. Michonne
  • Comics Michonne: She never drops her guard with anybody, except Ezekiel. Besides, she has suffered too much trauma after losing her people, getting raped, and tortured by the government.
  • TV Michonne: She remains relatively the same taking the role of co-parenting with Rick to a certain degree.
  1. Carl Grimes
  • Comics: After shooting Shane and losing his mom and sister, Carl's actions make Whisperers attack Alexandria. This results in the death of Ezekiel and Rosita.
  • TV Carl: Unlike in the comic, Carl stops being an overprotective boy and becomes a serial killer.

How Astro Zombies Band Got the Name

Astro Zombies Band is a French psychobilly band that started in 1996. The band got its name from a 1968 American science fiction horror movie referred to as Astro Zombies Band. In the movie, a disgruntled scientist, who has been fired by a space authority, starts creating superhuman monsters using body parts of murder victims. These creatures escape and start a killing spree attracting the attention of CIA and international investigations.

If you want to get an extra thrill playing popular zombie games and movies, make sure to go for the best. Astro Zombies have the best collections for you.