Are you a zombie nut? You read all the books, you see all the movies and series they bring upon the subject, but you still want more? So, open your eyes and read carefully this list of the nine best zombie series we’ve prepared for you we offer you a list of classic and Essential series as well as the craziest and new ones.

And it’s just that zombies started as a subcategory of terror, but more and more producers are making movies, and zombie shows it with HUMOR! What better way to learn to laugh at fear than with silly fear? Although if you are a classic lover of this genre and want to experience tension, anxi,ety and download a lot, a lot of adrenaline, we also have options for you! Take note!

  1. Zombie classics

Like every genre, zombie series have their classics. Among the best-known series are:

  1. The Walking Dead

Of course, we top this list of the best zombie series ever, with The Walking Dead. Without a doubt, it was one of the first series of zombies to succeed, not to say the first. It started at the height of the zombie, or it pushed it. We’ll never know for sure what was first, The Walking Dead, or the collective passion for zombies.

This series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a group of survivors must fight the zombie threat that has been rampant worldwide.

Of course, now we can also enjoy your spin-off “Fear The Walking Dead.”

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  1. iZombie

iZombie is a rather peculiar series of zombies. The protagonist is zombie but can speak and act like an average person except for two things: their pale color and their ability to see the memories of others by eating their brains.

This is a series of mystery and crime mixed, obviously, with the zombie genre, where the protagonist will have to help uncover suspicious murders and strange deaths.

  1. Dead Set

It is a unique series in its genre that is recorded as a television series. Correctly, it’s set in the House of British Big Brother. Her success was such that she was nominated for the BAFTA Awards. It consisted of only five episodes of 1 hour each and was broadcast on five consecutive days.

The contestants of this fictional reality show find themselves oblivious to what is happening outside the house: a zombie invasion. When one of the contestants is attacked and turned into a zombie, chaos breaks out. Do you want to know more? Then you must see her!

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Zombie comedy Series

But not everything has to be gore, death, and destruction; there are also a series of zombie humor!

  1. Z Nation

Z Nation emerged as an alternative to The Walking Dead, although its creators refused outright to classify the series in this way, as Z Nation neither tried nor tried to compete at any time with the mythical zombie series.

In Z Nation, he is humorously shown as a group of survivors living the zombie apocalypse, which has caused many to go crazy (even the protagonists, sometimes, do not seem to be very fine). The only one who can save humanity is Murphie, a somewhat unbearable prisoner who was injected with an experimental antidote and who made him immune to the Living Dead.

  1. Santa Clarita Diet

What if your wife is a zombie, and you have to help her feed every day (and, of course, hide the evidence)? Two real estate agents are moving to Santa Clarita, Los Angeles. There, Sheila, the protagonist, will suffer some kind of vomiting attack where he’ll put an organ through his mouth! From that moment on, everything changes: she is left without a pulse and begins to have some eating habits different.

This series of mood zombies was criticized very positively in its first season, although some disapproved of the graphic images shown. You can currently see it on Netflix, where they have renewed the series for a third season.

  1. Death Valley

Death Valley is a fake documentary where every night, a group of policemen goes out to patrol the city to face a plague of zombies, vampires, and werewolves who, not knowing how have come there. With a great deal of humor, but also with a background, the police take care of killing zombies, arresting or beating vampires who do not follow orders and werewolves who do not respect the lunar curfew. And if you have called the attention of this series, in addition to the zombies, the vampires and werewolves, you also might be interested in this other article on The five best series of vampires.

If you want big doses of zombies and absurd humor, you certainly can’t miss this series of zombies! Have you seen her yet?

Netflix zombie Series

Netflix also has its zombie series. The most popular are:

  1. Glitch

Glitch is an original Netflix series where zombies are a little friendlier, so much so that they don’t even look like Living Dead. In one locality, seven people return to life after several years of death. Mind you, without a single scratch and in perfect condition, as if nothing had happened.

After this, a police officer and a doctor will have to face the case and study this strange phenomenon that surprises. In the meantime, they’ll keep them all hidden, so the social alarm doesn’t go off.

Series of zombies canceled

Within the canceled zombie series, there are some that fans especially bothered about their cancellation. Some of them, as we shall see, were nominated for quite prestigious awards.

  1. In the Flesh

This is one of our favorite zombie series. It only has two seasons, but it’s a series that will not only entertain you but will also make you reflect on the hypocrite and very empathetic that can sometimes become the human being.

After a zombie apocalypse, scientists discover that zombies have a cure. In this way, after picking them up from the street and putting them in a rehabilitation center, where they are medicated, they can return to healthy life and then reintegrate into society. Mind you; not everyone will agree that zombies back to their homes (or villages) as if nothing happened.

  1. Helix

Helix was another of the series of zombies of great repercussions. It premiered on SyFy and AXN, and, after two seasons of 13 chapters each, the series was canceled.

In Helix, a group of scientists from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is involved in the investigation of a bizarre viral outbreak that has occurred at the Arctic Biological Research Centre, which they will discover has had disastrous consequences.

2019 zombie Series

We can’t leave this article without mentioning one of the zombie series that are giving the most to talk about in 2019.

  1. Kingdom

It is a series of Netflix zombies from 2019. This zombie series is Korean, set in medieval times, and is based on a webcomic by Kim Eun-hee and Yang Kyung-il. During the Joseon Dynasty, rumor has it the king is dead. His son, the crown prince, wants to take care of his father, but he is forbidden from entering the palace as part of a plot to snatch the throne.

However, the king is not dead, although he is not alive either, and a zombie plague expands to the south of the country, in an era of severe drought and famine throughout the territory.