The Walking Dead is a computer game based on the comic collection of Robert Kirkman. It was created by Telltale Games and was moralized to head out in the last months of 2011, but because of lack of development time, it was finally launched in very early 2012. The video game consists of five episodes, launched between April and November 2012.

Presently the video game is offered for PlayStation, 3Xbox 360, Android, Microsoft Windows, OS X, IOS, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4, and also it has been believed to launch a version for Ouya in early 2014.

The location of the video game occurs in the actual globe of the comic book, where occasions take place shortly after the begin of the zombie apocalypse in the state of Georgia. Nonetheless, the majority of the characters are original to the video game, which concentrates on a University Professor Lee Everett, who rescues and then cares for little Clementine. Kirk man looked after the background of the video game to see to it represented the tone of the comic, yet allowed Telltale to take care of the majority of the advancement work as well as details background. Three characters from the original comic appear in this game: Shawn Greene, Hershel Greene, and also Glenn Rhee.

The Strolling Dead has been critically acclaimed, with customers praising the extreme psychological tone of the story as well as the strong link developed between Lee and also Clementine. The game has won concerning 80 honors “Video game of the Year,” including awards from GamesRadar, USA Today, E! Online, as well as the Spike Computer Game Awards. Greater than a million players have bought at least one episode of the series, with over 8.5 million specific events sold in late 2012, and also their success has been viewed as a revitalization of the damaged genre of adventure games.

In July 2013, Telltale released a release of an added downloadable episode, 400 days, to prolong the initial season and close the void to the 2nd season, which was released on December 17, 2013.


The Walking Dead is a graphic journey game “factor and also click,” in which you can make the decisions you want the protagonist to make: Lee Everett, providing the alternative to be able to analyze and also interact with items and characters precede. The personality will certainly be able to select his friendship and feelings towards the various other figures via multiple conversations throughout the tale, producing drastic modifications in the story. Lots of dialogues have a restricted time to answer, if you don’t address them before time goes out, Lee Won’t claim anything.


Unlike numerous games of journey games, The Walking Dead does not emphasize puzzle fixing, however instead concentrates on the growth of the tale as well as personalities. The story is affected both by the options dialog of the player as well as their activities during the occasions of double-quick time, which typically might result, for example, that particular characters die, or a damaging adjustment in the resolution of a specific style or characters in the direction of Lee. The choices made by the gamer are transferred from one episode to an additional. Telltale additionally tracked the options, as well as are made use of to affect the script for later chapters.

Telltale Gamings and also Robert Kirkman wished to establish a video game in which we can pick the options the character makes during the story. At the end of each episode are shown the five crucial decisions that you made and also at the same time, the one that took all individuals that played the event:


The success of the first game offered to create a extr ofa pair sequels, plus a spin-off focused on the comic personality Michonne.

The Strolling Dead: Season Two, the straight follow up to the first video game, was released on December 2013, with a total amount of 5 episodes along with the last installation. The story was two years after the occasions of the initial period, concentrating entirely on a Clementine that was required to grow in a significantly aggressive and also dangerous globe.

The spin-off called The Walking Dead: Michonne took place in between the occasions of the second and also 3rd period, showing the comics personality’s descent into madness in his battle to overcome the death of his two children. The game was released on February 2016 with a total amount of three episodes.

On December 26, 2016, the initial two episodes of the 3rd period entitled The Strolling Dead: A New Frontier, which took action a couple of years after the end of the 2nd installment, would undoubtedly come to light, showing the tale of Javier Garcia, whose objective is to protect the staying members of his family from a new danger referred to as “a New Frontier”, an advanced team of survivors. Clementine’s personality was present throughout the five episodes, yet this time around with a new second role contrasted to the first installments.

Lastly, on August 14, 2018, the final installation of the franchise would be launched that would undoubtedly shut the tale elevated over the previous three periods. With an overall of 4 episodes, The Strolling Dead: The Last Period would undoubtedly end the story of Clementine, who, a number of years after the A New Frontier occasions, would undoubtedly discover a location to belong beside a grown AJ, surrounded by individuals that, like them, needed to grow up in a globe ruined by disaster and also suffering, having to face one last risk prior to being able to accomplish the tranquility they wish for.