Since 1996, the French psychobilly band, Astro Zombies has toured through all of Europe, from Spain to Finland, Sweden, UK, USA, Russia, Mexico, Brazil…

Their first album, “The Astro Zombies are Coming” was recorded “In Heaven”, Paul Fenech recording studio. The album was originally released in 1997 by a French label and re-released in 2000 by popular demand on Crazy Love Records.

After a couple years of solid touring, The Astro Zombies recorded their second album, “Control your Minds” for the same German label and went back to the studio in 2003 to record their third and heavier album, “Mutilate, Torture, and Kill”, released on the UK label Raucous Records.

After the 2007 release of the much acclaimed live platter ‘Burgundy Livers’ out on Raucous Records, the 1st EP & 1st album were re-released on Crazy Love and a best of : « Lo mejor de los Astro Zombies – exitos del espacio exterior » was released on the mexican label Bam Bam records.

Then the three-headed undead unleash their fourth studio album. ‘Convince Or Confuse’ delivers all the motley goods these international rockers thrive on, from old-time psychobilly to surfin’ sleaze, greasy instrumentals, punked-up gems and a whole lot more sonic glory.

Among those standout tracks is ‘Hey Gyp’, featuring magnificent vocals of Sarah Blackwood from punkabilly prowlers The Creepshow, while a lethal rendition of the classic ‘Bang Bang’ will send Cher and Nancy Sinatra on a coffin shopping spree.

Then came the fifth album “from strength to strength” released on I sold My Soul Media with Bobby’s English brother on double bass Mark Carew of the legendary Long Tall Texans. After many musicians changes which slowed down the band for a while, Bobby – after a fantastic show at the Satanic Stomp 2014 festival with Mark on bass and Adam Seviour from Frenzy on the drums – decided to settle down with a new line-up from his area and give fresh air to the band with a brand new album out in 2015.

“Frogs Legs” 12 tracks take you on a wild ride, from the delights of eating dismembered amphibians’ limbs and fishy fingers via the perils of reptilian men, monsters, zombies and crazy monkeys, all resulting in a pungent platter. Bobby, Jimmy on double bass and Mr Otterchild on the drums, have gone way back to the roots and taken the excitement and flavour of early psychobilly.

Out in 2015 on Crazy Love Records, “Frogs Legs” is the re-birth of the undeads from outerspace, unmistakably French, undoubtedly psychobilly and most definitely cooking on gas.


14.10.2016 Bessunger Knabenschule – Darmstadt (G)

15.10.2016 Moonshine Madness 2016 – Rotterdam (NL)

28.10.2016 Golden Nugget – Nurnberg (G)

29.10.2016 Supamolly – Berlin (G)

30.10.2016 Chemiefabrik – Dresden (G)

01.11.2016 Le Tigre – Sélestat (F)

11.11.2016 La Mécanique Ondulatoire – Paris (F)

12.11.2016 Pompey Rumble #7 – Portsmouth (UK)

17.12.2016 Mondo Bizarro – Rennes (F)